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Jaime Ellsworth paints animals. Her career as a cowhand never got off the ground, so she stumbled into art, never knowing it would complement her passion for animals so completely. Hailing from Friday Harbor WA, Jaime’s artwork can be found in art galleries from Seattle to Tuscon. Her paintings are built of many thin layers of oil bar starting with a limited palette of bold colors on canvas or wood panels. Subsequent layers allow the under paint to peek through and transparent glazes give the final surface a subtle tint.

“Turnout II” was inspired by Jaime’s life on horse farms when she was younger. She says the happiest days were when they could turn the mares out with their foals into the warm spring sun. “Turnout II” is an oil on canvas and was painted in 2007. 24″ wide x 8″tall.

A copy of an appraisal from Gunner Nordstrom Gallery is included with this original oil painting.